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How to adjust the camshaft correctly

    We always encourage everyone to do on his own with  their brains. as for  alignment,  in the demolition of the camshaft, we should first fix the T point, and then the position of the camshafts. If there is no obvious mark ,we should mark on each one , make sure the T point is  is right when installing camshaft according to your mark.

    Now we  will teach you how to do.  Firstly  we should see the adjusting hole is on the left or right side of the engine, the large screw cap opened with the casing can rotate the crankshaft, there is also a small screw cap,which can be opened  to fix the T-point. Rotate the crankshaft, see inside from the small screw cap  , there are two vertical road on motor CI (attention) and immediately you will  find  a vertical road and F (on the ignition in advance) , ignore it  and turn, separated by one fingerbreadth wide, you will  see T, then stop. align the vertical line on the left of the T to the small chip on the box. Remove the spout on left cylinder , try to make sure the piston at TDC with  a screwdriver. Unsurprisingly, it should be there.  The piston shall be at the top dead center, and then install the camshaft.

    The camshaft is then fitted to see what marks are on the chain wheel with a  small chain on the camshaft, there should be EX and IN. EX means exhausting, and IN means intaking. The upper intake camshaft sets the bar of the IN edge horizontally, and the exhaust one  places the bar of the EX side horizontally.

    If you can't see anything, just ignore it . Firstly, turn the piston on the left to the upper dead center, and hold the screwdriver straight to prevent it from being jammed.put  the camshaft shoulders in charge of  cylinder intaking close to the horizontal direction of the carburetor. Put the camshaft shoulders in charge of exhausting close to the horizontal direction toward the exhaust port. One cylinder is right, the others are right, because they are all on one axle. At this time the exhaust valve should be closed, the camshaft does not like pressure valves. Screw the bolts evenly and make sure they don't screw hard. You might meet a string of 1 or 2 teeth ,do not afraid, first test run.

   Here we will tell you that before the test, we must use the manual rotation crank , if it is stucked during the rotation ,the piston valve is not aligned , if we can start the car smoothly, we should do it slowly , if no abnormal noise we can start car quickly. After setting the car, determine whether the ignition is positive according to strength and position to the car, or to be put on a small teeth forwardly or backwardly on the chain

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